Meeting in-person during COVID

If you intend to come in person, please note all these guidelines. We are trying to keep everyone safe!
To hold the Meeting in keeping with government guidelines there will be a number of changes:

  • we can only accommodate up to 16 people attending in person
  • signs and a one-way system will be in place to minimise contact and risk
  • hand sanitiser will be available – please use it
  • all those aged 11 or over should wear a face cover over their mouth and nose apart from when ministering
  • toilets will be accessible via the Common Room; afterwards go out through the café and re-enter the Meeting via the side door
  • doors and windows will be kept open to provide ventilation; all gates will be left open during Meeting
  • there will be no refreshments served after Meeting – you are welcome to bring a filled water bottle for your own use
  • books (the Bible, Quaker Faith & Practice) will not be put out; you may bring your own copy to look at if you wish

Ticketing system

To prevent too many people turning up, we are using TicketSource (a website often used for theatre tickets) for people to reserve a place free tickets will be made available to reserve from the Monday morning before the Sunday concerned.

There will be two types of ticket available to book: individual and family group. If you are coming as a couple you should book two individual tickets. A family group ticket will admit 1 adult and up to 2 children. Additional individual tickets should be booked as required if your family group is bigger than this. At the end of the booking process it will say that your booking is confirmed and you will also be sent an email to say this. If you don’t get an email, the process has not completed successfully and you have not booked, so please try again.

Current government guidance is that people aged over 70 and those who are clinically vulnerable (shielded) should stay at home as much as possible and take care to minimise contact with people from other households if they do go out. Please bear in mind that attending a Meeting for Worship (MfW) will involve you being in a room with people from other households for over an hour. For a number of people, MfW via Zoom will remain the better option.

Jane Holt

Convenor of Elders and of the Reopening Warwick MH group